Project Description

Custom Vector Icons

SolderKing wanted elements which were unavailable to their competitors and features which stood out from the ordinary, which is why we created a set of custom icons to reflect the 6 core processes which their products cater for. You can check out the animations on the solderking site to see the icons in their full glory!


Final Form redesigned the main landing page in line with the clients ideas and ensure their customers had a clear route from the homepage to the call to action to enquire about a product. We achieved this by ensuring their products and the processes they catered for were easily accessible to view via a brand new product gallery which expands into product variations, as well as process pages which filter the products related to certain processes to make the interested products stand out in their range. There is a contact form available on any ‘end’ page making it easy for potential customers to make the initial enquiry.


We identified the need for many fundamental changes on the webpage for SolderKing. The original website was built and hosted using a limited CMS for easy use however this had limited flexibility in comparison to a site built on the WordPress framework, this allowed us to incorporate powerful SEO tools and arrange for google analytics to be attached to the website providing important usage data to the client to track future campaigns and watch traffic trends.

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The clients had this to say about the work we did for them:

We are really happy with how the team at FinalForm completed the project for our new website. We had a lot of ambitious ideas for the site and the guys at FinalForm were always happy to listen to them and turn them into a reality on the new website. They really go the extra mile with their designs and took on some really challenging features, the new site is already attracting new clients and enquiries are coming through thick and fast showing that the extra contact points and calls to action are really working.

Chris Ward, Director